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5135XMLSchema encoding

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  • herk_destro
    Jan 20, 2006

      I am trying to write a client that sends an XML message, however it
      requires me to use a Schema with it.

      This is a sample of the XML I was trying to send. It fails on the
      Axis server horribly.


      This is the formatted XML that I got working,

      <ns1:JITRequest xmlns:ns1="http://urn:us:gov:hhs:act:jitrequest">
      <ns2:RequestDateTime xsi:type="xsd:dateTime"

      There is a WSDL that refers to .xsd for the Schema information.

      I am just stuck, I am not sure if SOAP::Lite can do the formatting and
      if it does, what I should be looking for. Can anyone help?

      Steve Kirkup