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5117Malformed Headers

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  • herk_destro
    Jan 6, 2006

      I have written a SOAP server and seemed to have encountered
      something bizarre, and I am not sure where to go on it. This is the
      core of my SOAP Server.

      --Begin after this line--
      #!/usr/bin/perl -w

      use strict;
      use SOAP::Transport::HTTP;
      use MyServer::Server;

      package RetrieverService;

      sub retrieveInfo {
      my $self = shift;
      my $request = shift;

      return "SUCCESS Before object";
      my $server = MyServer::Server->new({
      request_xml => $request
      return "SUCCESS After object";

      return $server->response if ($server->error );
      return $server->response if (not $server->request_valid );
      return $server->response if (not $server->request_case );
      return ( $server->response, $server->get_case );
      --end here--

      When I run this script, I encounter the first return "SUCCESS Before
      object" and it returns the value just fine. If I comment out that
      line and try to get the second return to execute, I get a 500 error.
      Looking in the Apache logs gives me,

      malformed header from script. Bad heaer=<?xml version="1.0" encoding=":

      I am not sure what mistake I am making, should I move this out to a
      module instead of having it in the Server script? Do I need some
      header information? Someone have an ideas?

      Steve Kirkup