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5108use_prefix has been deprecated warning

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  • amla2216
    Jan 3, 2006
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      I have a problem when upgrading to Soap::Lite 0.66

      I have a simple code which worked in previous version (I replaced uri
      by ns (using default_ns instead of ns doesn't solve the problem)).

      use SOAP::Lite + autodispatch => ns => 'FilterList', proxy =>
      my $f = FilterList->new();
      $f->add_new_filter('Filtre 1');

      this code now generates several warnings on both client and server
      side "use_prefix has been deprecated. if you wish to turn off or on
      the use of a default namespace, then please use either ns(uri) or
      default_ns(uri) at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.6/SOAP/Lite.pm line 858."

      but the worse is that the second method (add_new_filter from my
      example is never called, (it was in the previous version of SOAP::Lite)

      I'm new to SOAP::Lite and I really don't see how to make this simple
      peace of code work in the new version.

      Any help would be gretely apprecaited.

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