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5095Passing XML strings as arguments

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  • Don Seiler
    Dec 30, 2005
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      Hullo all.

      I'm writing a SOAP server (CGI), and some of the functions need to take
      in XML strings as arguments. However it looks like the SOAP server is
      removing the XML string entirely, so when I check in my function the
      entire parameter is just null (I get uninitialized warnings when trying
      to use it).

      If I just pass in a normal string like "foo" it works fine.

      If this is known and intended behavior, how can I pass in an XML string?

      FYI I'm calling this through a WSDL file. In the spec for this
      particular function I specify the XML parameter as xsd:string type.

      Both server and my test client are written in SOAP::Lite, but the
      eventual prod client will be flash.
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      Don Seiler

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