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508sending a document from a client to a server

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  • Timothy A. Gregory
    Jun 20 4:32 PM
      Hey all,

      I'm using SOAP::Lite on both sides of this, client systems will exist in
      private networks and talk to a server in a DMZ (across a firewall)... The
      clients are going to gather some performance data on the networks they are a
      part of (latency, bandwidth usage, etc) and format that up as an XML
      document. The I want to use SOAP::Lite to pass that document to the server
      which will, in turn, parse said XML and chunk it into a database.

      I've got the code written to harvest the data and generate an XML document,
      and another bit of code that will read the XML document and put the data
      into the appropriate tables on a database, and I've read through all of the
      man pages and the 'Introduction to SOAP::Lite' docs I could download (many
      of which repeat the data found in the others), but I don't see
      document-sized objects (rather than short strings) being passed from the
      client to the server.

      You'll have to excuse me if I don't sound like a programmer, I'm a sysadmin
      who jumps into Perl when our developer is too busy on other projects of
      higher priority. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks much,


      Timothy A. Gregory
      Arabic -> English Translator
      UNIX System Administrator