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5026Re: [soaplite] Re: Returning "::" causes out of memory error on Windows XP under ASPerl 5.6.1 B

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  • Peter Sinnott
    Nov 23, 2005
      On Wed, Nov 23, 2005 at 03:53:29PM -0000, chesal wrote:
      > Yes. I worked down to the XML::Parser::parse() routine -- that's where
      > memory starts to climb.

      If you can reduce the test case to some xml and calls
      to XML::Parser then maybe some perl xml mailing list can be of help.

      > All three platforms have XML::Parser available. The ActiveState 5.6.1
      > distribution shipped with it. Linux and Cygwin had the package added
      > via cpan install call a long time ago.

      What version of XML::Parser do they each have?

      perl -e'use XML::Parser 10;'



      lists XML::Parser as v2.30. The changelog on CPAN lists a memory leak
      fixed in 2.32. May not be the problem but no harm checking it out.

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