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5023Failed to access class (xatxgfn): Can't locate xatxgfn.pm

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  • Alois Treindl
    Nov 22, 2005
      I run a web service using SOAP::Lite, and it has worked
      for more than a year very well (on Linux, with Apache 2.x)

      But at times of high traffic load, we observe some strange failures,
      rarely, maybe one out of 10'000 requests fails.

      On weekends, when there is less traffic, we never observe this error.

      The error messages look like:
      Failed to access class (xatxgfn): Can't locate xatxgfn.pm in @INC
      (@INC contains:) at (eval 90) line 3.

      Our service CGI xatxgfn.cgi has this structure:
      if (exists $ENV{HTTP_SOAPACTION}) {
      use SOAP::Transport::HTTP;
      -> dispatch_to('xatxgfn')
      -> handle;
      } else {
      # program runs in direct (non-SOAP) mode
      xs_handle_direct({default_func => 'xatxgfn::do_function'});

      package xatxgfn;
      use moda;
      use modb;
      sub do_function

      And a typical caller
      will call
      -> proxy("http://servername/cgi-bin/xatxgfn.cgi")
      -> uri('xatxgfn')
      -> encoding('iso-8859-1')
      -> do_function($self_url);

      We seem to have installed SOAP::Lite version 0.60_public