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5005large file as stream instead of slurp?

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  • johnmillaway
    Nov 11, 2005
      I've got an Apache::SOAP service that sends several MB in the
      response. The data is base64 encoded and sits (encoded) on the
      filesystem. Currently, I slurp the file and return it as SOAP::Data,
      causing memory usage to spike. I suspect the SOAP internals are
      copying the data several times in the process of creating the final

      The SOAP call from the client side takes ~30 seconds. An `scp` of the
      same data takes 0.6 seconds.

      Is there a way to stream the file or write directly to the Apache
      response stream instead of slurping it into a scalar?

      If there's no way to inject a stream as data, then is there a way to
      circumvent Apache::SOAP for the response (but still use Apache::SOAP
      for the request), writing XML directly to the response socket?