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4996Re: [soaplite] Returning "::" causes out of memory error on Windows XP under ASPerl 5.6.1 B633

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  • Peter Sinnott
    Nov 8 2:55 AM
      On Mon, Nov 07, 2005 at 09:07:24PM -0000, chesal wrote:
      > On Linux and under Cygwin the approximatly 300kB of data is returned,
      > parsed and printed by the script with barely any memory use at all.
      > But the script, run ActiveState Perl 5.6.1 B633, ends up running out
      > of memory.

      Are you using perl 5.6.1 on all 3 platforms?

      > my $parsed = $self->decode($_[0]);

      Can you trace the execution any further?

      > Does anyone know what it is with "::" that causes the deserializer
      > such problem under Windows?

      Its a bit of a guess but XML::Parser::Lite is used to parse xml if
      XML::Parser is not available. The pod says :

      This Perl module gives you access to XML parser with interface
      similar to XML::Parser interface. Though only basic calls are
      supported (init, final, start, char, and end) you should be
      able to use it in the same way you use XML::Parser. Due to
      using experimantal regexp features it'll work only on Perl 5.6
      and may behave differently on different platforms.

      Things probably aren't as scary as they sound but it might be worth
      checking if you have XML::Parser installed for the 3 perls in question.

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