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4993Re: Newbie question about SOAP:Lite

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  • fyang1024
    Nov 2, 2005
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      Thanks. Now It doesn't report error any more.
      But the result was unexpected.

      My Perl code is like this:
      my $ld_service = SOAP::Lite->service("$serverurl"."$relativeurl");

      my @lds =

      print "$#lds\n";
      foreach $ld (@lds){
      print "$ld{'id'},$ld{'workspace'},$ld{'title'}:\n";

      The @lds turned out to be empty, but on the server side, Java reports
      it sent out an array of 5 objects.

      I believe there's something wrong in my Perl code, since the PHP/Java
      clients I wrote both work well.

      Can anybody point it out? Many thanks.
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