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4989sub parameters not generated by WSDL::Generator

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  • snecula
    Nov 1, 2005
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      I am using WSDL::Generator to generate wsdl files. While the sub
      response structure seems to be OK, I was never able to generate a wsdl
      file with the correct structure for request:

      my $init = {'schema_namesp' => 'SeqPrep/GlycerolTransfer',
      'services' => 'SOAP',
      'service_name' => 'SeqPrep/GlycerolTransfer',
      'target_namesp' => 'SeqPrep/GlycerolTransfer',
      'documentation' => 'comments',
      'location' =>
      '/projects/workspace/instr_soap/server/soap.cgi' };
      my $wsdl = WSDL::Generator->new($init) or die("Could not initialize
      generator. " . $!);
      my $result = SeqPrep::GlycerolTransfer->getInstruments('John','Doe');
      print $wsdl->get('SeqPrep::GlycerolTransfer');

      The WSDl file is always

      <xsd:schema targetNamespace="SeqPrep/GlycerolTransfer">
      <xsd:element name="getInstruments" type="xsd:string" />

      no matter what parameters I pass, if I prototype the sub etc