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4985WSDL First Development

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  • parcelstring
    Nov 1, 2005

      Im trying to do WSDL first development and consume a SOAP::Lite
      service with MS ASP.NET client.

      Im getting an error from MS visual studios when i try and cosume this
      web service

      I think the error is due to the array in
      http://ftp.mediaburst.com/ben/wsdl/Types.wsdl but i dont know why.

      I think the problem is becasue i am using rpc encoded style in the
      binding instead of document and literal style as i created a service
      in visual studios and it these values seem to be the only difference.

      Are the wsdls i link to ok?
      Do SOAP::Lite soap messages need to be rpc type and encoded or can
      they be document/literal?

      Any help would be greatfully received.
      Ben Crinion