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4980Re: [soaplite] Irregular message fault: Can't call method "body" without a package or object reference

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  • Duncan Cameron
    Oct 28 11:15 PM
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      On 2005-10-28 at 13:51:47 CristiAn Fuenzalida wrote:

      >Hello :-),
      >I'm using SOAP::Lite/Perl/0.65_3, and i get with an "irregular

      ... snipped ...

      >The server.cgi code where the problem ocurrs is:
      >my $cgi_server = SOAP::Transport::HTTP::CGI
      >-> dispatch_to('my_package);
      >package my_package;
      >use vars qw(@ISA);
      >@ISA = qw(Exporter SOAP::Server::Parameters);
      >sub getValue {
      >my $class = shift;
      >my $request = pop;
      >my $body = $request->body->{getValue}; # HERE IS THE PROBLEM !!!
      This might not be the cause of the problem but the @ISA assignment
      should be in a BEGIN block or the my_package package should be
      defined before the server code. Currently the @ISA statement will
      have been compiled but not have been executed when the getValue()
      method is called. Also, you don't need to use Exporter.

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