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4978Parsing a complex

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  • poulkornmod
    Oct 27, 2005
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      Dear all,

      Allow me to ask a simple question, that I was not able to find any
      solution for in this group. It's most probably my poor experience that
      make my searches unusable.

      But let me explain. I get a complex from a soap method that adds
      attributes to some of its elements. How can I get the values of these

      <Help about="6.1" application="BlowIt">
      <Message>Blah Blah</Message>
      <Name>John Doe</Name>

      I do realise how to get the children to the base element <Help> - but
      I'm not able to get the "about" and "application" attributes! Further
      - how do I get the sub elements to the <Creator> element? Does someone
      has an idea? Thanks on beforehand.


      @Help = $r->paramsall;
      for $i (0 .. $#Help){
      print "$Help[$i]->{Message}\n";
      print "$Help[$i]->{Creator}\n";


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