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  • Cédric BOUFFLERS
    Oct 5, 2005

      Your problem looks like mod_perl namespaces/packages name collisions.

      With mod_perl you have to be aware of package name collision. Mod_perl is
      running all your script under the same PERL environment and thus they also
      share the same symbols and package name tables. Sometimes this lead to weird
      results if in 2 different projects and directories you have 2 packages with
      the same namespace and package names. Mod_perl will always use the first
      used one.

      There is a quite well explained article on that topic :

      I could not figure out any pretty way to solve this out yet. I guess you
      have to rename all your namespace/package names including some sort of
      version numbers. That's what I plan to do in my cases although it will not
      ease readability.

      If you have any idea to solve this problem in a fast and pretty way other
      than renaming all the namespaces/packages I'd appreciate a lot :-)

      Hope this helps.

      Best Regards,

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      de Kiffin Gish
      Envoyé : mercredi 5 octobre 2005 15:23
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      Objet : [soaplite] Denied access to method ...

      I have created a simple client and server Perl arrangement for
      SOAP::Lite using the sample code presented on the www.soaplite.com web

      I use the Apache::Registry example for mod_perl and it seems to work
      most of the time.

      However, I regularly run into the following problem on the client side:

      Fault: code='SOAP-ENV:Client', string='Denied access to method (ping) in
      class (Billing) at /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.4/SOAP/Lite.pm
      line 2267.'

      If I restart the apache server, it starts working again but after awhile
      the same problem pops up.

      Any ideas what is going wrong?

      Kiffin Gish
      Development Team, Demon (THUS plc)

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