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4904die, but without SOAP::Fault

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  • teden
    Sep 29, 2005

      I have a SOAP::Lite web service which needs to compose its response
      based on a schema definition. The problem is, I routinely trap
      significant error conditions and report them back to the caller
      through the use of

      die SOAP::Fault

      which works great but does not fit into the response model. I tried
      "die SOAP::Data->cccccccc" but it doesn't work (as if it should

      As such, I need to be able to

      1. Detect an error condition and trap it
      2. Immediately stop the current execution path
      3. Build my response based on the schema definition
      4. Return the response

      I currently do items 1, 3 and 4. The problem is number 2. How do I get
      Perl to stop the current execution path and go to where I want it to?
      The evil 'goto' will not suffice and another method call only adds an
      element to the call stack. This has to be a Perl 101 question, but I
      can't seem to solve it. Any help out there?

      Any help is most appreciated,

      Thom Eden
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