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  • bart2soap
    Aug 24, 2005

      New to this group..-)
      Plus warning: this is rather a long post!

      Found the situation around receiving attachments in SOAP::LITE a bit
      confusing. Hence this email, in an effort to help future soulmates.

      Officially since version 6.0a of SOAP::LITE the use of the additional
      patch module SOAP::MIME should be no longer required. But here is what
      I found.

      I'm a ActivePerl user and in ASPerl 5.8 the default core module
      SOAP::Lite is version 5.3.

      I needed to write some client code that accessed a service that needed
      support for attachments.

      So I downloaded version 6.0a PPM module from the Randy Kobes archives
      and installed that.

      But I could not get attachments to work.
      No error message, just an undef when using the ->parts method.

      Some hours later, 2 things are clear:
      1. Dependencies
      it turns out that are some dependencies in order to get the SOAP::SOM
      object to work correctly in the case of attachments.

      Dependencies are:
      - MIME::Tools (which includes the needed MIME::Parser)
      MIME::Tools from its part, needs:
      - MailTools
      - IOStringy

      I find it just a bit strange that these dependencies are not noted
      when loading the PPM module (normally PPM will autoload the missing
      modules for you) (and yes the 'follow-install' option was set to true)

      2. Still need SOAP::Mime if version of SOAP::Lite < 0.65_5
      For SOAP::Lite version 0.60a I still needed SOAP::MIME in order to get
      things to work properly.
      Version 0.65_5 seemed to work OK.

      Although there are some small differences whether one uses the
      SOAP::MIME or not:
      - using SOAP::MIME one needs to recreate the soap object for every
      function (using attachments?) otherwise program dies with the
      following error:
      Can't call method "print" on an undefined value at
      C:/Perl/site/lib/MIME/Entity.pm line 1855.
      - using SOAP::MIME one uses:
      to get to the content
      without SOAP::MIME one has to use:

      But all seems to work well now...

      Kind Regards,