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4825SOAP::SOM::parts() not returning ref to list of MIME::Entity

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  • Judith Lebzelter
    Aug 3, 2005

      I am trying to remove the SOAP::MIME from my Application since I am using
      version 0.60-2, but I am not able to do it.

      The SOAP::SOM object with a MIME attachment is passed nicely to the remote
      procedure as I can see if I dump it to log, but when I call 'parts' on
      it, it returns an emtpy value rather than the expected array ref. When
      I put back the 'use SOAP::MIME;', it works again. Have I misunderstood
      that SOAP::MIME should be incorporated in this version?

      Below snippet fails on the 'parts' call(unles I 'use SOAP::MIME;':

      sub submit_result {
      shift; # Package name, may be including package if called from SOAP
      my ( $request_id, $filter_result, $output ) = @_;
      $log->msg( 0, "Before attachment conditional for submit_result." );
      if (ref $output eq 'SOAP::SOM' ){
      $log->msg( 0, "Inside attachment conditional for submit_result." );
      use Data::Dumper;
      $log->msg( 0, Dumper($output) );
      foreach my $part (@{ $output->parts() }) {
      $output = $$part->bodyhandle->as_string;
      } # Else content var is set.



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