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4811Re: SOAP::Lite client for Axis WebService and complex objects

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  • gernot_stocker
    Jul 21, 2005
      Hi Michael,
      from my point of view the return value of the response should not have
      to do anything with the serializer of the JTestVO. But just to be
      shure I introduced an additional method which just returns a simple

      <wsdl:message name="getSimpleCapabilitiesRequest">
      <wsdl:part name="in0" type="tns1:JTestVO"/>
      <wsdl:message name="getSimpleCapabilitiesResponse">
      <wsdl:part name="getSimpleCapabilitiesReturn"
      <wsdl:operation name="getSimpleCapabilities" parameterOrder="in0">

      <wsdl:input message="impl:getSimpleCapabilitiesRequest"

      <wsdl:output message="impl:getSimpleCapabilitiesResponse"

      <wsdl:operation name="getSimpleCapabilities">

      <wsdlsoap:operation soapAction=""/>

      <wsdl:input name="getSimpleCapabilitiesRequest">

      namespace="http://testservice.genome.tugraz.at" use="encoded"/>


      <wsdl:output name="getSimpleCapabilitiesResponse">




      The result was unfortunately exactly the same:
      Type 'JTestVO' can't be found in a schema class 'SOAP::Serializer'

      --- In soaplite@yahoogroups.com, Michael Rasmussen <mir@m...> wrote:
      > <wsdl:output name="getCapabilitiesResponse">
      > <wsdlsoap:body
      > encodingStyle="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/"
      > namespace="http://localhost:8080/csaxis/services/
      > TestService" use="encoded"/>
      > </wsdl:output>
      > I think your problem lies here. As fare as I know the SOAP XSD does
      > discribe a datatype Vector. And as you might well have noticed you are
      > using a bean serializer to handle the data type in which case you can
      > only use clients written i Java also. The data type Vector is a native
      > Java data type holding native Java objects. My best guess would be
      > you chose one of the string collection data types. E.g StringArray.
      > These all have a 1-1 mapping with a SOAP data type

      I've already seen that people could deserialize vectros, but I agree
      if this would be the problem, it could be solved soon. But
      unfortunately as the getSimpleCapabilities method(see above) shows,
      that that it's not the case. The problem seem to be in the serializer
      and not in the deserializer.

      Any other ideas?

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