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4810What is the best way to generate server side code from WSDL?

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  • Randall Marbach
    Jul 20, 2005
      Hi All

      I am a Business Process Engineer working for a company
      that is interested in deploying an ESB(Enterprise
      Service Buss) for managing its business processes.
      We are evaluating ActiveBpel as the orchestration
      component of the ESB (unless anybody knows of a perl
      based engine).


      In a nut shell, a process engineer uses the ActiveBpel
      GUI process designer tool to describe the
      flow/relationship of business processes and services.
      This tool then generates BPEL xml which is consumed
      and acted upon by the ActiveBpel engine. The services
      that this engine manages are presented to the engine
      as web services described by WSDL files. The engine
      reads the WSDL upon startup and accesses the web
      webservices according to the script contained in the
      BPEL XML.

      Since none of these services exist yet, I was planning
      to define the WSDL first using a tool such as the
      CapeClear SOAEditor.


      I would love to prototype these services in perl. I
      know there is stubmaker.pl but that seems to be a tool
      for creating client side code. Are there any tools out
      there that would allow me to use these WSDL files to
      create perl server skelitons?



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