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4807RE: [soaplite] How can I force to output a parameter as a string

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  • Jon Kliegman
    Jul 20, 2005
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      We have to do the same thing on our servers and its easy to do.  Use the SOAP::Data constructor to pre-type your value:
      $value = SOAP::Data->type('string' => $value);
      Or if you've got a hash:
      $hash{$key} = SOAP::Data->type('string' => $hash{$key});
      Using 'string' (instead of 'xsd:string') will cause the SOAP libraries to still preform the proper encoding for a string so you don't need to do that.
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      Subject: [soaplite] How can I force to output a parameter as a string

      I have implemented a web service server in Perl. The response of a
      methode is a complex data type, that also includes a parameter of the
      type number. These paramter should be returned as a string, not as
      number. Is their a possibility, to force a paramter to be a string?

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