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4805Re: SOAP::Lite client for Axis WebService and complex objects

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  • Michael Rasmussen
    Jul 20, 2005
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      Hi Gernot,

      > Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 14:32:38 +0200
      > From: Gernot Stocker <gernot.stocker@...>
      > Subject: Re: SOAP::Lite client for Axis WebService and complex
      > objects
      <wsdl:message name="getCapabilitiesResponse">

      <wsdl:part name="getCapabilitiesReturn" type="apachesoap:Vector"/>


      <wsdl:output name="getCapabilitiesResponse">
      TestService" use="encoded"/>

      I think your problem lies here. As fare as I know the SOAP XSD does not
      discribe a datatype Vector. And as you might well have noticed you are
      using a bean serializer to handle the data type in which case you can
      only use clients written i Java also. The data type Vector is a native
      Java data type holding native Java objects. My best guess would be that
      you chose one of the string collection data types. E.g StringArray.
      These all have a 1-1 mapping with a SOAP data type
      <complexType name="JTestVO">
      <element name="firstname" nillable="true" type="soapenc:string"/>
      <element name="lastname" nillable="true" type="soapenc:string"/>

      <complexType name="JTestVOs">
      <restriction base="SOAP-ENC:Array">
      <attribute ref="SOAP-ENC:arrayType" wsdl:arrayType="tnsl:JTestVO[]"/

      Michael Rasmussen

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