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480Re: [soaplite] Re: Fwd: Process-Pool Forking SOAP Server.

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  • Michael E Brown
    Jun 16, 2001
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      On Saturday 16 June 2001 18:22, Paul Kulchenko wrote:

      > Your solution might work as bulletproof choice, however some
      > modifications are still required. First of all, Daemon.pm shouldn't
      > be Daemon, it might be SOAP::Transport::Daemon (because it'll provide
      > methods suitable for HTTP, TCP and other daemons). I would also like
      > to add:
      > 1. changing user and group ids
      > 2. tainting
      > 3. chroot
      > 4. relaunch on signal

      Here is a new version that incorporates two new ideas: 1) relaunch on signal
      and 2) Dynamic Module Loading.

      After you load this module, set the array @DynamicModuleList, and each child
      will load all of the modules in that array after they fork.

      The relaunch on signal is implemented as SIGHUP and SIGINT.

      SIGHUP: signals each child to finish handling any outstanding requests and
      exit. Parent process respawns each child.

      SIGINT: forcefully kills off each child. Parent process respawns each child.

      > Everything is optional, so you can choose whatever you need.
      > I would like to make it less Unix-oriented if possible (esp. for
      > non-blocking server, since it can run on almost any platform) and
      > drop 'our', so it'll work on 5.005 also. Everything else looks fine

      Is this the only change required for 5.005? I'll send you another version
      later tonight with this.

      > for me :). I'll try to come up with TCP non-blocking server next week
      > and accomodate those changes for HTTP-based server also.
      > Best wishes, Paul.
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