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479Re: [soaplite] Re: Fwd: Process-Pool Forking SOAP Server.

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  • Michael E Brown
    Jun 16, 2001
      On Saturday 16 June 2001 18:22, Paul Kulchenko wrote:
      > Hi, Michael!
      > > I believe that at least one moderate performance server should be
      > > included in
      > > the main distribution. Also, I think that it should be installed by
      > > default,
      > > without having to copy by hand from examples/ directory. I would
      > Absolutely. I agree with you. I would like to include simple daemon,
      > bulletproof daemon and nonblocking daemon.
      > Your solution might work as bulletproof choice, however some
      > modifications are still required. First of all, Daemon.pm shouldn't

      I called it 'Daemon' because it is a general purpose library that I am using
      in the rest of my project with other non-soap daemons. If you want to pull it
      into your namespace, that is fine, though. It doesn't have any SOAP-specific
      stuff in it, just utilites to manage pid files and log files.

      > be Daemon, it might be SOAP::Transport::Daemon (because it'll provide
      > methods suitable for HTTP, TCP and other daemons). I would also like
      > to add:
      > 1. changing user and group ids
      > 2. tainting
      > 3. chroot
      > 4. relaunch on signal
      > Everything is optional, so you can choose whatever you need.

      OK. If you think my code is a good starting point, do whatever you think
      needs to be done with it.

      I had been going about changing user/group id by making my soap.pl setuid to
      the user/group I want it to run as.

      What do you mean wrt tainting?

      As far as relaunching on a signal, I had though about passing the ForkingSOAP
      module a list of modules to 'require'. Then each time a child is spawned, it
      'require's the list of modules. This way each child starts fresh with the
      newest copy of the module. Then you could send a signal that makes the parent
      kill all it's children and respawn them. Is this approximately what you were
      Michael Brown
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