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4749could someone test this service with soaplite?

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  • Matthias Richter
    Jun 15, 2005
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      Hi everybody,

      Our university department is doing research in the field of natural
      language processing. We are offering a couple of related Webservices to
      the public for free use, which were developed using Axis and the WS-I
      Basic Profile under the URI
      These services allow, for example, to get frequency information based on
      very large corpora (atm in German and English), statistical word
      co-occurences and the like.

      At the moment we do know that the services are working with .Net and
      Java. We would like to see that e.g. also soaplite is supported but
      simply don't have the resources and soaplite-specific knowledge to do
      much testing. We'd appreciate very much if someone tested and reported
      whether it's possible to get soaplite into building working clients from
      the supplied WDSL-Files.

      Additional Information: the services make use of HTTP-basic
      Authentification with user / password "anonymous".

      Thank you very much in advance,
      Matthias Richter
      Matthias Richter M.A. Augustusplatz 11 / HG 5-16
      Der deutsche Wortschatz im Netz <http://wortschatz.uni-leipzig.de>
      Postanschrift: Institut für Informatik, ASV, PF 920, 04009 Leipzig