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4652Re: Can't use string ("as_anyURI") as a subroutine ref

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  • adavisirl
    May 5, 2005
      Hi Josh,
      I'm sorry I can't help you yet, but I thought I'd let you know I'm
      getting the same fault, but it depends on what platform I run the
      client on.

      My SOAP::Lite server, version 0.65, is on a SUN Solaris UNIX box
      running perl 5.6.1. If I run the client on a similar SUN Solaris
      box, I do not get the fault - all runs fine.
      If I then run the same client on a Windows XP box, running perl 5.8.4,
      I get the fault.

      I'm trying to have the server return a URL as the body of a reply
      to a query by the client. The fault goes away if I return a string
      which is not a URL.

      Will let you know if I find a fix...

      --- In soaplite@yahoogroups.com, "jmglov027" <josh.glover@t...> wrote:
      > Long time lurker, first time poster here. Hullo to the group!
      > I have been using SOAP::Lite for about a year and a half now, first
      > 0.55, then 0.60. I just upgraded to 0.65_4 on a test box, and ran into
      > major breakage. Making a SOAP call now results in the following fault:
      > soap:Client (Can't use string ("as_anyURI") as a subroutine ref while
      > "strict refs" in use at
      > /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.3/SOAP/Lite.pm line 1076. )
      > I am running SOAP::Lite under Apache + mod_perl. Looking at my
      > application logfiles, I can see that the SOAP call succeeds as far as
      > the application is concerned, so the issue must be with serialisation
      > of the result. I looked at line 1076 of SOAP/Lite.pm, but without some
      > deep digging, I don't think I am going to be able to figure this one
      > out.
      > Does this ring any bells with anyone else on this list? (Especially
      > Byrne and Pavel/Paul?)
      > TIA,
      > Josh
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