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4623SOAP Document/RPC encoded?

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  • robert@elastica.com
    May 2, 2005
      I suspect my problem is because I'm using an older version of SOAP::Lite but can
      anybody tell me if I'm using SOAP::Lite

      $VERSION = sprintf("%d.%s", map {s/_//g; $_} q$Name: release-0_55-public $ =~

      should I expect the same level of support for




      I already have a webserver that SOAP::Lite talks to in DOCUMENT/LITERAL
      but whenever I try to call one using RPC/ENCODE I end up with a lot of
      this sort of thing. ie. c-gensym[n] etc.

      <arg0 xsi:type="namesp2:String"><c-gensym4

      On the server I get an exception complaining that

      Default encoding style is not supported by deserialization context

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