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4621Accessing HTTP Auth from a SOAP service

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  • Paul TBBle Hampson
    May 2, 2005
      I'm creating a SOAP service which I want to
      username/password protect, against the database
      the service modifies.

      It seems to me that the easiest way to do this
      would be to have access to the username/password
      sent in by the client via HTTP basic auth
      available somehow to the eventual perl functions.

      However, I can't see any way to do this.

      Have I missed something important, or am I trying
      to do something impossible?

      I'm on the Debian 0.60 package at the moment,
      and using the mod_soap (Apache::SOAP mod_perl
      handler) method to run, although I can change
      that if needed. (I'd _rather_ run it through
      Apache2 since I get access it's HTTPS setup
      for free that way. ^_^)
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