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4502SOAPAction problem

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  • pfconrey
    Mar 28, 2005
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      I have a WSDL file that defines a webservice interface that I am
      tasked with writing in Perl. Right now, the only known consumer will
      be a .NET client, but that may change in the future. Given that, I
      wrote the WSDL using the Doc-Literal scheme, making sure that it
      imports into .NET cleanly.

      Once that was done, I wrote stub code in a Perl module, and created a
      server to handle requests and a .pl to make a test call (testing a
      Perl client with it). It appears to generate the correct call, but I
      get the following error returned to the Perl client:

      <faultstring>SOAPAction shall match 'uri#method' if present (got
      'http://crm.hilton.com/gpm/ws/Stay#SearchByNameArrivalMonth', expected

      It's as though the server code does not recognize the URI. What can I
      do to make the Perl server recognize the URI that I've published in
      the WSDL file?