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  • dsundar
    Mar 13, 2005
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      Has anyone used wsdl2perl available in the following link?


      I am trying to get aPerl SOAP client work against a Java based Web
      Service. It requires complex objects to be constructed. (&
      customizing Serializer and DeSerializer).

      Looks like wsdl2perl provides a simpler way of creating the necessary
      stubs ( not just the methods but also complex obj. definitions and
      corresponding Serializer DeSerializer Implementations unlike
      stubmaker.pl) - perhaps an equivalent of WSDL2Java.

      However, I am unable to get wsdl2perl working. Not sure if I did not
      have the prerequisites properly set up (correct SOAP::Lite version,
      perl version and related modules)..

      Any input on this or any other related tool will be of great help!

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