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4468Setting xmlns in function call

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  • simon.fairey@ft.com
    Mar 9, 2005

      I'm having a slight problem with a call to an external SOAP service, to
      give a simple example the XML generated for the function call when I turn
      on debug for SOAP::Lite shows:

      <functionname xmlns="">

      this fails unless I change it to:

      <functionname xmlns="http://www.soapserviceprovider.com">

      I have set uri() etc. but can find no way to set the xmlns attribute of the
      function call.

      I've not used SOAP::Lite extensively but can find nothing to indicate how I
      might do this, any suggestions?

      The approximate perl code looks like:

      use SOAP::Lite +trace =>

      my $soap = SOAP::Lite
      ->service('http://url to a WSDL provider');

      my $first = SOAP::Data->value('simon')->name('first');
      my $last = SOAP::Data->value('fairey')->name('last');

      $soap->functionname($first, $last);

      I'm thinking I am missing something in the way the methods for SOAP::Lite
      equate to the XML generated for a SOAP request.

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