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4464solution for proxy problem

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  • h2ofaull
    Mar 7, 2005

      I finally figured out the (very) simple solution to my proxy
      problem... here's a brief recount of the problem and my findings...

      I'm using a web service which operates on HTTPS/SSL. I was trying to
      use the S::L->uri()->service() syntax and I was finding that S::L was
      attempting to issue a GET over HTTP to my proxy, rather than the HTTP
      CONNECT method that is required for interaction with a web server over
      SSL through a proxy (at least the proxy that I'm using). I tried two
      different methods of specifying the proxy:
      - setting environment variable https_proxy=http://my-proxy:80
      - using the S::L syntax...

      Much to my chagrin and confusion, the above (undesirable) behavior
      only occurred in Windows - on my Debian GNU/Linux box, my code did the
      right thing. I'm still not sure what's different to cause the UNIX
      setup to work differently.

      Anyway, the solution is to use the environment variable approach, but
      the variable name in all caps. Simply setting the environment
      variable HTTPS_PROXY=http://my-proxy:80 instead of the lower-case
      version, forces the use of the Crypt::SSLeay proxy support rather than
      the (default) LWP::UserAgent support.

      I found this here:

      So, ultimately, this is completely unrelated to S::L and rather only
      on the strange behavior of the packages listed above that S::L makes
      use of.

      Hopefully this helps someone, sometime!
      Kind Regards,