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446Re: [soaplite] Daemon suicide

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  • J. J. Merelo
    Jun 6, 2001
      Paul Kulchenko wrote:
      > Hi, J!
      > > "Manmatao" is the message in the "die" instruction. Is that a
      > > feature or
      > > a bug? Should I kill it in a particular way? The server had been
      > "die" is catched in SOAP processor to return Fault on client side, so
      > you won't be able to 'die' this way. If you want to stop server, use
      > exit().

      Thanks! I did other thing: kill $$. Crude, but also works.

      > die()/exit() on server side might cause a problem, because server
      > didn't sent anything back yet (and already died), and client will be
      > blocked and timeout will be raised. I'm not sure that's exactly what
      > you want.

      Yep, that's exactly what I want. I'm using a daemon and several clients,
      when one client finishes a common taks, it tells the daemon to, well, go
      to hell, and then, when the other clients realize it's gone to hell,
      they catch the error and die too. Well, it's a very crude way of
      interprocess communication, but it's handy.

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