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4454My own dispatching sub - is it possible?

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  • Íèêèòà Äåäèê
    Mar 5, 2005
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      My task is to write a SOAP server, that would dispatch requests to
      some modules using its own "sophisticated" naming scheme. Imagine
      that I have several modules somehow located in directory tree, and
      I've got a mapping of module names to their paths. Due to some
      requirements I cannot place modules in SOAP::Lite's default naming
      scheme (like My::Example), but I can dynamically map URI to module and
      call the needed methods myself. Is there any possibility to make SOAP
      ::Transport::HTTP::CGI (or whatever) call some specified sub as a
      handler for ANY request, giving method URI to it as a parameter and
      taking its result as a respone for SOAP call, while this sub parses
      URI and calls the needed modules itself, forming a return value? I'm
      not afraid of some additional coding :), but I don't want to patch
      original SOAP::Lite distribution, that's why I'm asking you for some
      gentle solution.

      Many thanks in advance!
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