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4452Re: SOAP::Lite/.net interop

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  • Matt Long
    Mar 4 12:27 PM
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      I can help you, but keep in mind that I never got it to work with
      complex types. When I return rows of data, I just convert my data to the
      equivalent of a flat file and return that as a string. It's lame, but it

      Anyhow, the attachment just says hello. You place the files from the
      perl folder in your web tree where SOAP::Lite is running, then you need
      to update the bottom of the WSDL file I included to reflect the web
      location on your local machine of the actual sayhellodispatcher.cgi file
      (e.g. http://localhost/soap/sayhellodispatcher.cgi). Then you need to
      specify to visual studio your local web address to the WSDL file (e.g.
      http://localhost/soap/HelloSOAPLite.wsdl ) when you add a web reference.

      Let me know if you have any questions.


      p.s. I tested this example and it works.

      m_j_conroy wrote:

      >I saw your post on Google groups with the WSDL snippet. Do you have
      >an end-to-end example from the .Net code forward for a SOAP::Lite
      >server called by a .Net client? A simple HelloWorld example is
      >literally sufficient. Any help would be much obliged... I realize
      >this email is coming out of the blue.
      >Mike Conroy
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