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  • Medi Montaseri
    Mar 3, 2005
      One of the problems my peers often point out against Perl is that
      there are 25 different ways of doing things, from $$ to $PID.
      from "key, value" to "key => value", etc.

      So I say to them, that is Perl's strength...

      However, I fail to see the author's motivation for using
      object-message-sequencing approach in his SOAP::Lite's tutorials
      and man pages. IMHO, the author should've chosen easy-perl
      over cool-perl style.

      Here is a typical example, keep in mind that we have
      a novice user who is trying to learn a new technology but is
      confronted with short cuts and idioms of a language.

      print SOAP::Lite
      -> service()
      -> proxy()
      -> someMethod()
      -> result ;

      I'll not bore you with the dereferencing operator and when
      () should be used and when not and how white spaces are cleaned up
      by the interpreter (including newline chars).
      If it was me, I'd write my tutorials like this

      my $soap = SOAP::Lite->new();
      my $svc = $soap->service();
      my $proxy = $svc->proxy();
      my $response = $proxy->someMethod();
      my $result = $response->result();

      print "result = $result \n";

      In my opinion, the $obj->method()->method()->method() chaining
      while sexy is not debugable as any of the nodes along the way
      could've given away. And the interpreter would say line x has problem

      If there is some technical reason for coding like this, I'd like
      to learn, other wise, may I ask the author to consider this input.

      Thank you
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