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4435Re: [soaplite] DBI problem

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  • Tilman Baumann
    Feb 22, 2005
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      You could maybe quickhack this with adding
      use lib ' /usr/lib/perl5/';

      Or maybe with including (use ...) the libs in your server interface but
      not in the funktion implementation.

      Only a thought. I dont really understand the problem and i didnt check
      it. But maybe its a usefull hint.

      Diego Andrés Asenjo González wrote:

      >Hi, how are you ?
      >I have a problem trying to expose a ItemCollection class that uses DBI
      >classes (or classes that inherite from DBI classes more exactly). The
      >class exposed is:
      >package data::ItemCollection;
      >use strict;
      >use data::Item;
      >use data::ItemDBI;
      >sub add{
      > shift;
      > if(@_) {
      > my $item = shift;
      > my $data = {name=>$item->name()};
      > data::ItemDBI->create($data);
      > }
      > return 0;
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