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4431Perl objects as parameters and return types

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  • alejandroriospena
    Feb 21, 2005

      I've been searching and trying a lot of things to make a simple
      web-service work, but I just haven't had any luck at all.

      There are many examples showing how to call a web service method that
      receives simple types as parametters, but I haven't find examples with
      perl objects as parametters, only as result types (and I haven't
      managed to make them work also).

      I've seen that the module has limitted WSDL support, but ¿is it
      possible to make a web service with SOAP::Lite that has methods which
      receive perl objects as parametters and methods which return perl
      objects or arrays of perl objects?

      ¿If it is possible, how can it be done?

      Thanks in advance.