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4430mo' WSDL questions

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  • John Michael Zorko
    Feb 19, 2005
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      Hello, all ...

      I've got a WSDL file, but for testing I would like to generate server
      code based on the WSDL (so I can test that the calls work without
      talking to the real server). Are there tools available to do this?
      Perl would be preferable (since the rest of the project is in Perl) but
      ah, I remember the days (not so long ago, actually) where Perl was just
      one of those weird scripting languages, and C++ was the only thing I
      cared for :-) Times have changed (i've grown to like Perl), but anyway
      ... does anyone know of a good app that will take WSDL input and
      generate server code that implements what the WSDL describes (i.e.
      do-nothing functions, where I would put the actual implementation in



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