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4410where is Documentation what Datatypes SOAP::Lite supports out of the box?

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  • achim_grolms
    Feb 9, 2005
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      I am new in using SOAP::Lite, but it works
      fine for me!

      When I Want to use on Java side a Hashtable
      type I found that this can easily mapped
      to a perlhash with code lile

      SOAP::Data->type( map => $r );

      with $r is the Hashref to be mappped to a Java Hashtable.

      But I have found that examplecode via Google, not
      in the documentaion of SOAP::Lite.

      Where can i find Information what types SOAP::Lite
      supports out of the Box and what values have to be passed
      to SOAP::Data->type( )?
      Is there a complete list available?

      Thank you,