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4403Windows release for 0.65-beta2...?

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  • h2ofaull
    Feb 8, 2005

      I have need for some of the new features / fixes that have been
      released in SOAP::Lite 0.65-beta2 - but I have need for this in
      Windows (unfortunately...)

      Is an updated Windows release in progress? Planned? Needed? I don't
      see any mention of this on soaplite.com.

      I don't know anything about what is required to port S::L to Windows,
      aside from the fact that with a small amount of effort I was not able
      to get the UNIX dist to compile under Windows or Cygwin.

      If no release for Windows is planned for the near future, I'd be
      willing to at least look into doing the port. If anyone has
      information on this, please mail (the list or just me) at your
      earliest convenience.

      Kind Regards,
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