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4389SOAP-Lite-0.65-beta2; Bug in WSDL Parser

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  • jpeyser
    Feb 2, 2005
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      The style attribute can be specified in 2 places in the WSDL file.
      In the soap::binding element, the style attribute indicates the
      overall style of the SOAP message format.
      In the soap::operation element, the style attribute indicates the
      style of a specific operation.
      Obviously, both are not required.

      In SOAP-Lite-0.65-beta2, sub SOAP::Schema::WSDL::parse, the parser
      ignores the style attribute in the soap::binding element.

      The parser should read the overall style from the soap::binding
      element and then override it with the style in the soap::operation

      foreach ($s->binding) {
      # is this a SOAP binding?
      next unless grep { $_->uri eq 'http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/wsdl/soap/'
      } $_->binding;
      next unless $_->name eq $binding;
      my $porttype = SOAP::Utils::disqualify($_->type);
      my $invocationStyle = $_->binding->style;
      foreach ($_->operation) {
      my $opername = $_->name;
      my $soapaction = $_->operation->soapAction;
      $invocationStyle = $_->operation->style if $_->operation->style;
      my $encodingStyle = $_->input->body->use;
      my $namespace = $_->input->body->namespace || $tns;
      my @parts;
      foreach ($s->portType) {...