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4388Re: [soaplite] Re: SOAP Headers

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  • Duncan Cameron
    Feb 2, 2005
      At 2005-02-02, 00:21:53 ghostwhoowalks <ghostwhoowalks@...> wrote:

      >How do I bind 'foo' the element name with a namespace ? I need my
      >element in the Header to look like myns:foo where myns is
      >http://blah.com .
      SOAP::Header works the same way as SOAP::Data, so the same way of specifying a namespace for the item will apply

      SOAP::Header->name(foo => 'bar')->uri('http://blah.com')->prefix('myns')

      Here's an easy way of seeing what S::L will generate without actually sending anything
      use strict;
      use SOAP::Lite;

      my $soap = SOAP::Lite
      print $soap->serializer->envelope(
      SOAP::Header->name(foo => 'bar')->uri('http://blah.com')->prefix('p')
      >--- In soaplite@yahoogroups.com, "Duncan Cameron"
      ><duncan_cameron2002@y...> wrote:
      >> On 2005-02-01 at 21:13:40 ghostwhoowalks wrote:
      >> >How do I create SOAP Headers in the client side if my WS API
      >> >requires certain SOAP Headers to be present in the SOAP Envolope ?
      >> >
      >> Add SOAP::Header objects as extra parameters to your method call,
      >> $soap->method(SOAP::Header->name('foo', 123), ...

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