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4367Daemon hanging after IIS access

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  • cornmek1
    Jan 27, 2005
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      Hi all,

      Heres my scenario

      Solaris server running a very basic SOAP::Transport::HTTP daemon
      basically serving up data based on 3 input params.

      I'm watching the daemon using truss.

      PC perl SOAP::Lite client works fine in isolation leaving the daemon
      process as

      accept(3, 0xFFBEF580, 0xFFBEF57C, 1) (sleeping...)

      Which I guess is the 'ok' state.

      We are creating a SOAP envelope on IIS and passing it through to
      SOAP::Lite using XMLHTTP... this works fine in isolation, but once
      used the PC perl client hangs, leaving the daemon as

      read(4, 0x00574050, 2048) (sleeping...)
      Which I guess is not-ok.

      The only solution is to stop the IIS server ??

      I'm sure we've missed some basic interoperability issue, but would
      appreciate some help, as this is our first stab and we are not too
      familiar with the internals.