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4298Can't locate object method "headers"...

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  • go81816
    Jan 6 1:46 PM
      I've tried to use the SOAP::Lite sample in mod_perl implementations
      on both a SunOS 5.8 box and an OpenBSD 3.6 box both with identical
      unsuccessful results.

      Stepping through the SOAP::Lite modules I can see that the SOAP
      object code is correctly being found and executed (e.g. the "hi"
      function in the "Demo" package is being correctly found and called
      and returned to the SOAP::Server->handle function). However, as
      this is a mod_perl implementation, in the
      SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Apache->handler function a call to $self-
      >response->headers->scan(sub { $r->header_out(@_) }); generates an
      internal server error and spits this message into my apache log:
      [error] Can't locate object method "headers" via
      package "HTTP::Headers"
      at /usr/local/apdm/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0/HTTP/Message.pm line

      This "headers" method is being accessed elsewhere within SOAP::Lite,
      so I've seen, but why oh why does this call generate this error only
      in this particular instance?

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