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4295perhaps a problem with the 0.65 beta2 release

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  • gartnerjmoody
    Jan 6, 2005
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      I am running a perl script that reads metadata from a database table,
      gets the text for a document, and then calls a web service to put the
      metadata/content into a document management system. There will be
      something on the order of 300,000+ documents.

      When running this script to do the initial migration, the script dies
      500: syswrite : There is no process to read data written to a pipe
      at /home1/....../...WebServices.pm at line 1116.

      (the 1116 line is the call to the web service).

      This fails anywhere from a couple of hundred documents to about 1100
      (no runs have made it past the 1100 mark).

      The thing is, I changed the script back to use 0.55 SOAP::LITE, and
      it seems to be working fine (already up to 1600 documents or so).

      Any ideas what could be going on here?? THE ONLY change I make to
      the script was to change the include of SOAP::LITE 0.65 beta2 back to
      SOAP::LITE 0.55