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4289Re: [soaplite] XML Fragment in String Data causes Soap Error ...

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  • Joseph Hourcle
    Jan 6, 2005
      On Thu, 6 Jan 2005, etaekema wrote:

      > Hello everyone. I have a fairly simple soap server that takes input
      > from a customer issue management system and transfers them to a
      > different issue management tool. The trouble I am having is that
      > some of the data is "free form" entry and is likely to have
      > incomplete / partial xml tags in the data. All the data passed to
      > the webservice are String types and when the soap::lite server
      > receives the data it is choking on the partial/embedded data in the
      > string .... I don't have a lot of control on the sending side ... Is
      > there an encoding trick to solve this?
      > Something as simple as this fails ...
      > my $issue_description="The <tag> configuration doesn't work";
      > my $result = $service->submitIssue($issue_description);
      > because the <tag> item isn't closed .... but since this is just user
      > entered text ... there isn't much I can do about it ...

      It's a problem with the SOAP client -- they're not escaping entities.

      use CGI ( escapeHTML );
      my $result = $service->submitIssue( escapeHTML($issue_description) );

      If the client was SOAP::Lite, it should've done it for you, unless you've
      overriden the serializer. [which I did once, and tried just marking
      strings as CDATA, but the SOAP::Lite deserializer choked hard on it]

      If you only have access to the server, you might want to make check
      _exactly_ what had been received, and verify if it's coming in unescaped.
      if it is, you need to fix the non-compliant client. If it isn't, or if
      it's marking the strings as DATA or CDATA, rather than encoding the
      entities, you'll need to modify the deserializer to support that.

      Joe Hourcle
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