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4288XML Fragment in String Data causes Soap Error ...

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  • etaekema
    Jan 6, 2005
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      Hello everyone. I have a fairly simple soap server that takes input
      from a customer issue management system and transfers them to a
      different issue management tool. The trouble I am having is that
      some of the data is "free form" entry and is likely to have
      incomplete / partial xml tags in the data. All the data passed to
      the webservice are String types and when the soap::lite server
      receives the data it is choking on the partial/embedded data in the
      string .... I don't have a lot of control on the sending side ... Is
      there an encoding trick to solve this?

      Something as simple as this fails ...
      my $issue_description="The <tag> configuration doesn't work";
      my $result = $service->submitIssue($issue_description);

      because the <tag> item isn't closed .... but since this is just user
      entered text ... there isn't much I can do about it ...


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