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  • John Michael Zorko
    Dec 30, 2004
      Hello, all ...

      I need to be able to have SOAP servers that are able to do other things while waiting for
      SOAP calls. Yet, the handle() method for the SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Daemon waits on
      accept() and doesn't come back, in effect stopping the server from doing anything else
      until a SOAP call arrives. Instead of:


      I want:

      while ( $server->handle )

      ... yet I still want to run the server standalone (Transport::Daemon). My questions are:

      1. Is there something easy that I can do without subclassing SOAP::Transport::HTTP::
      Daemon? Forking a process that acted as a client to itself and calling a SOAP method to
      do_something_else() is out -- I tried that, and it worked, but it's just _so_ nasty and opens
      up all kinds of other possible bad things ...

      2. If no, then I want to use select() (or IO::Select()) to override the handle() method to make
      it non-blocking. Any insight on how to do this?



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