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4257Re: Method calls failing due to malformed utf-8?

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  • Roger
    Dec 15, 2004
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      Ooops, I posted this reply about 8 hours ago but think I
      accidentally posted it to the author in error. Apologies to Eric and
      the group. Here's what I meant to say!

      <eric.promislow@g...> wrote:

      > Another [solution] is to grab the code before SOAP hands it to the
      parser for
      > deserializing, and do a pass over it, something like:
      > $data =~ s/&(#x0*1?.;)/&$1/g;
      > $data =~ s/&(#0*[12]?\d;)/&$1/g;
      > $data =~ s/&(#0*3[01])/&$1/g;
      > and then post-process this code after the XML parser returns it to
      > your application.

      Yes, I like this plan - but I fear it is beyond my soap::lite
      knowledge. From my googling exploits, I imagine it has something to
      do with SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Client ... but does anyone know HOW I
      can intercept the XML as Eric suggests and then pass on the
      translated version to the parser?

      Any clues appreciated.

      London, UK
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